Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally more pics of Emma

I know we've been slacking on our "blogging", but we're still pretty new at this so hopefully you'll give us a break. You'd think that with me (Gina) being home all day I would have tons of time to post new and exciting blogs. However, that simply is not the case. You see, parenthood has been quite the learning experience and eventhough we are a good 5 weeks into it, we still haven't quite figured it all out yet. You may wonder what my day consists of...well here it is: Wake up around 4:30 am to my mini alarm clock (Emma, that is). Change her. Feed her. Burp her. Rock her back to sleep (hopefully). Maybe get a little more shut eye myself. Then up again by 6:30 to feed (and burp, of course). If Emma decides to take another nap, I score (with a shower). Get ready quickly and wait for the dinner (or breakfast) bell to ring. Basically we repeat this every two hours which really only gives me about a half hour for "me" time. There's not a lot you can accomplish in that amount of time, so usually I don't get much done. I have seen almost every episode of Law and Order though. Actually, since we hit the one month mark, Emma's had more awake time, which just means I have to find more things to entertain her with. It may sound like I'm complaining (which I might be just a bit) but really it's not that bad. I am enjoying being home with my little munchkin and love watching her change and grow each day. Motherhood is amazing and think I've become a stronger and better person since taking on this role. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with taking her out of the house and hopefully we'll get a routine going where I can get more accomplished. Until then, I'm at the princess' mercy. Speaking of are some more pictures (which is really what you want to see anyhow, right!).


Rachel said...

Hi Gina,

It sounds like you're adjusting well to life with Emma! She is just so beautiful!

Thanks for the update :-) said...

Emma's a cutie! Lori and I look forward to going through the same learning curves. We're open ears to any advice you have! :)

No apologies for the lack of blogging, who could blame you for not updating, you've got an Emma to take care of!

Congrats on blogging and we look forward to more stories and pictures.

nathan118 said...

Thanks for the update. :) Glad things are going well.

Mama Linda said...

Gina--she is absolutely perfect! She is so beautiful! Hang in gets better and easier every day!