Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Year

Well, it's a new year and boy have our lives changed over the past 12 months! As I reflect back over 2008, I can't believe where the time has gone and how much I've matured. I've gone from "It's all about me" to "It's not about me at all anymore". Here's a quick look back. I was four and a half months pregnant at this time last year. David and I cleared out the "office" to make room for our little bundle of joy that was on the way. We had just found out that we were having a girl and I was starting to feel her move. The thought of becoming parents was much more real to us and I remember feeling both excited and scared. We had our hardwood floors refinished and the house was looking good. I remember the next few months going by slowly as we awaited Emma's arrival. I stopped working at the end of March and was able to do some "nesting" and relaxing, not realizing how precious those last few moments of peace and quiet were. We took all the preparation classes, read all the books, and registered for all the baby gear we could possibly ever need and want. It was fun having other friends that were expecting around the same time as us. I was blessed to have four baby showers within a month of each other and got pretty much everything off my registry. By the time May rolled around, the baby's room was ready. All we needed was the baby. Both Luke and Charlotte decided to make their appearances before their due dates so I was sure that Emma would want to join them. I remember my due date, May 13th, coming and going, and feeling soooo uncomfortable. I was ready to get that baby out and start my life as a mom (or so I thought)! I'll never forget those drives twice a week on the 605 N to the doctor's office hoping for a sign she was coming. I remember feeling discouraged the morning of May 19th as my mom joined me for my appointment. My doctor examined me and said, "Let's get you checked into the hospital. You're having this baby today." My attitude changed in an instant! I was so excited, called David, and we drove over to hospital. We won't get into the details of my long and exhausting labor and delivery (27 hours in all), but I will say that I was sure glad when it was all over. I remember hearing Emma cry for the first time and just feeling so relieved that she was okay. The next month or so is a blur. We had so many visitors and so much support from friends and family. We're grateful for all the meals, advice, and open arms that helped us through that wonderful, but exhausting and challenging time. It took a while for things to start to feel somewhat normal again and I'm just so glad that I had so much time off of work to adjust and adapt to motherhood. We enjoyed meeting baby Dominic in July, who decided to take after Emma and overstay his welcome in the womb. At the end of August, Emma went on her first family vacation to Doc and Al's Resort in Bridgeport with the Luckey family (at trip I've gone on annually for the past ten years). Then, Lori and I worked out all our plans for job sharing and began that new adventure in September. I must say that I love the part time gig. It's the perfect combination of being home with the baby and going in to work a couple days a week. It's still challenging balancing work and motherhood, especially because a teacher's work is never done, but we're making it work. I think Lori and I make a pretty good team and I'm so grateful to her for taking this leap with me. You know that once Halloween comes along, the rest of the holidays just fly by, and I feel like that's exactly just what they did. David and I decided to buy Disneyland passes in November as our early Christmas gift to one another and were able to go a couple of times with the Albericos. Emma seems to enjoy the sights and and sounds of "The Happiest Place on Earth". The holidays overall were a lot of fun in spite of Emma getting her first cold the day before Christmas Eve. She was a good sport and remained fairly happy eventhough she was congested.

We've enjoyed watching our precious baby girl grow and change on a daily basis. I can't belive that she is going to be eight months old on Tuesday. She's gone from being a tiny seven pounder who only ate, slept, and cried to a vibrant, interactive twenty pounder who is on her way to walking and talking. We're not sure if she'll even do the crawling thing. She'd much rather be on her feet, standing up, than on her knees. She does however, scoot backwards on her tummy and hop forward in a sitting position so she's definately on her was to being mobile. Emma is such a happy social baby, smiling and waving at anyone and everyone that'll look her way. She loves to jump, dance, sing, clap, bang on things, pat you on the back, and play "peek-a-boo". We are looking forward to a great year in 2009 and are excited for what the good Lord has in store for the Higginbotham's.

4 comments: said...

What a blur it all feels like eh?

Everyone says it but until you have one you don't realize how much having a child make time zoom by.

Like do you even remember those moments anticipating when it (pregnancy) would finally happen?

I know for Lori and I it (the start) feels so darn long ago that it's all really hard to remember, then pregnancy flies by and now we're months into being parents!

I'm so glad you both are teaming and I really do think you both make a great team. We appreciate the benefits of being able to raise our child, even when it's CHALLENGING! :)

Emma sure is a fun and cute little girl and I know Dominic enjoys flirting with his *girlfriend*

So yeah, new year with child is super good and it seems each day brings new excitement.

We wish many blessings on your family this year and are happy to be apart of your lives.

nathan118 said...

Cute pictures, and thanks for the update. Always fun to hear about the other babies in town. :)

Also, it's a shame no one got Emma any toys for Christmas.

Mama Linda said...

Gina---it's so great to see a new post! I loved it. I relate on so many levels. I agree the Lord has blessed the Isai's and my dear friends with wonderful new roles, challenges, and joys. I'm also excited to see what 2009 has in store---and I'm definitely looking forward to more play dates. Praise God for healthy happy babies. Love ya--

jasonleeparks said...

That's so amazing Gina (David too).